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  • Smart Wash DG
Smart Wash DG

Smart Wash DG

– Pump AR Italy 160 bar;
– SIEMENS electric motor – 18.5 kW;
– Highest build quality – check-list – included in the kit;
– Contour repetition of car shapes during turbo washing;
– Contour repetition of car shapes when applying all emulsions;

– Side application of the emulsion with an optimal distance;

-Washing thresholds and wheels (up to 100 bar);
– High pressure washing (up to 160 bar) with repetition of the car contours;
– Application of 4 different chemicals with dispensers;
– High-tech mixing system;
– Application of nanofoam;
– LED lava (foam blanket);
– Adjustable mixing system;
– Waxing (including simultaneously with drying to reduce washing time);
– Rinsing and flushing with high pressure with a horizontal arm pulling into hard-to-reach places (spoiler, rear license plate lighting …);
– Tuck function to the mirrors;
– Nozzles manufactured in the USA;
– Simple and intuitive program management;
– Turbo drying 22 kW Siemens (4 pieces of 5.5 kW each);

– Contour repetition of car shapes during turbo drying with the safest possible approach to car surfaces
– Integration with the payment terminal;
– Preparation for the installation of filtration OSMOS;
– Determination of the position of the car and the shuttle using 12 sensor and 3 ultrasonic sensors;
– Super bright LED display to alert the customer about the cycle of the car wash;
– Delivery (Moscow +200 km for free);
– Installation by a team of professional installers;
– System Setup;
– Control via Touch-Screen or remote control

this model is presented by the UMNAYAMOIK.RF company from the Leisuwash plant – the Leisuwash DG robotic washer.

smart wash DG

Leisuwash DG car wash

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