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  • EuroLeisuwash Stavanger
EuroLeisuwash Stavanger

EuroLeisuwash Stavanger

Many thanks to our great partnership Aso-ler d.o.o who keep establishing Leisuwash new projects in Serbia and nearby countries, it’s really big support to us during this virus crisis situation, with our great cooperation we believe in we will overcome the crisis very soon. Here is new Euro Leisuwash 360 automatic car wash project located in Stavanger city, Norway.

SMART 360 washing system

The cleaning power of the LeisuWash 360 has been taken to a new level with the addition of better chemical coverage of the vehicle with a rounded arch and smart chemical measurement. Combined with your ability to customize services and speeds in endless combinations and to store your favorite or seasonal packages. The cleaning system is a big step forward.

SMART 360 port control

The cleaning power of the LeisuWash 360 is elevated to the new LeisuWash 360 arc control system enabling faster washing and creating customer confidence and comfort throughout the process. The bow can rotate 360 degrees while moving around the car at the same time to achieve consistent coverage of the nozzles that are always focused on the vehicle. Arch control makes every second productive in the washing process. Each angular time is reduced from 4 seconds to 1.5.

SMART 360 drying system

LeisuWash 360 has a built-in drying option, a unique FlashDry service that does not require additional time for basic dry rinsing and drying in one operation.
Developed on a simple theory that is – easier to remove moving water.
Improves water removal by as much as 80% from the car in 10 seconds.

EuroLeisuwash in Stavanger, Norway

Euro Leisuwash 360 car wash

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