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Order news:At the beginning of the new year, TINGS TU of Poland ordered two Leisu DGs and one Leisu 360 car washer again

At the beginning of the new year, we welcome a good start. Poland TINGS TU again ordered two Leisu DGs and one Leisu 360 car washer. Leisu has always maintained a stable cooperative relationship with Polish partners, and its high-quality products and services have also been highly valued and recognized by customers.

Leisu has always adhered to the customer's needs as the starting point to create more updated and good products for users. The perfect design concept of Leisu DG, the perfect cleaning effect, profiling high-pressure washing, profiling automatic air drying, high pressure swing and other highlights and innovations are dazzling and refreshing. The product technology has reached the industrial level, and has set off a wave of ordering boom in domestic and foreign markets.


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